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Religious Education

BBC Religion & Ethics Website

Advice, resources, opportunities for teaching and learning RE

RE Curriculum Materials. RE resources and useful links to other sites for RE co-ordinators

An internet resource for studying the Early Church until the rise of the medieval Papacy (c.600 AD).

Guardian/Observer site with links to all RE sites ordered by religion. Most interesting.

An internet resource for studying Medieval Church history from the rise of the Papacy to the time of the Reformation

National Society for Promoting Religious Education. The National Society promotes and resources 4,700 Church of England and 172 Church in Wales schools.

The NS and the Board of Education collaborate with the Catholic Education Service and the Methodist Church, along with other Christian and faith education representatives to ensure that the role and needs of faith communities are represented in national debate.

Religious Educational Website

Site for religious education professionals

An Internet Resource for Studying Christian Theology

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